mardi 3 avril 2012

Le Canard Enchainé...What Marie Kate always reads

I was lucky to have my camera at hand to get this shot of MK reading the  *Canard Enchaîné the other day
Her favourite column  that she always reads, is Le Journal de Carla B (Carla Bruni). You know when she's reading it because of her constant giggling.
She also loves to watch Le Petit Journal presented by Yann Bathès and as we are in the midst of the French presidential elections here, she has been watching Yann interview the different candidates. Last night it was François Hollande's turn to be grilled, tortured and teased by Yann and by gosh he's excellent and what he does (Yann I mean).  Anyhow, Marie-Kate asked last night if by the time she's grown up, would it be possible for Nicolas Sarkozy to still run for president, because if it was, she'd vote "tout sauf Sarkozy". 
This morning while eating breakfast and listening to the radio, she moaned on about the presidential campaign being useless because she hadn't heard any ideas just  polemics, her final words were "c'est nul".

She certainly is forming her own political ideas early, it's a shame that Mr Mélenchon (left front) refuses to go on the Petit Journal, because I think Marie-Kate would really have liked to see this candidate....  by the way she wasn't in least enamoured by Mr Hollande's  performance last night. 

*French weekly satirical newspaper that features investigative journalism  and leaks from sources in the French government and French politics and business a long with some jokes and cartoons

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