jeudi 26 avril 2012

Lunch at Septime

Six long weeks ago, Alain booked us a table at Septime, and finally we went for lunch there this Tuesday.
I'm not the type of person to take photos of what I eat and here's no exception, sorry, you've just got a view above of the open kitchen, where the food is cooked and plates dressed, I've never seen as many cooks and assistants working so well in such a small area.
You can eat a three course lunch menu here for just 24 euros (or was it 26?) or you can choose the 5 course carte blanche, which is what we went and my gosh, we were so happy we did. To begin with we ate white asparagus with lardo di colonnata, to sum it up in one word, I'd say divine.
Next was a an poached egg cooked at 63°c and a mushroom bouillon, yummy.
Third up, a perfectly cooked hake but I not so amazing (too powerful) écume. 
Fourth, it was lamb, three ways, I wouldn't dare to describe it here, it was just heavenly.
And finally, we had HAY ice-cream...glace au foin....with rhubarb. Very subtile and surprisingly good, great to finish with.
Super restaurant, amazing food, vegetables cooked to perfection.   A bit noisy if you want a romantic place to eat, better go to Astrance, otherwise these two restaurants, when it comes to taste, are just awesome.

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