mardi 24 avril 2012

mini hike near Saint Martin la Garenne

 Saturday we went for a a mini hike with Marie-Kate and Alexis around Saint Martin la Garenne. We took a picnic and hoped the weather would hold up for a couple of hours.
As you can see  the above photo a poster with Francois Hollande on it, it's election time here and he's through to the second round the 6th May, Hollande verses Sarkozy...funny thing was, there were posters of all the candidates apart from M. Sarkozy, someone had pasted a FN one on top of his.
 The plan was to complete a 14.7 km hike, but the weather soon proved to be difficult. It might look as if the weather was nice and sunny above, but oh no, the wind had whipped up and it was freezing.  Good place for a picnic but too cold, so on we went.
 Monkey Alexis, just before swinging from this branch and falling on his bottom
 There was a few great vantage points to watch birds
 And just before the rain came bucketing it down we found refuge in this bird observatory point. Underneath you can see the view we had from there.
We managed to do seven rainy, windy, and darn cold and sometimes sunny kilometers and we loved it and plan to get out and explore more soon.  Next visit, probably Monet's house and gardens which are less than 30 km from where we live.

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