vendredi 6 avril 2012

Pre teenagers room and seven (nearly eight) bedrooms before and after

Who's the tidiest chez nous? Oliver, nearly 18 years of age? NO chance on earth. Charlotte aged 16? No way
Well it must be one of the pre-teenagers ...pre pre pre teenagers,  Gabrielle, Alexis or Marie-Kate.
Alexis' room before 8 this morning
Alexis' room is tidy because he hasn't been here for twelve days so his room is tidy, nothing to do here.  But to be fair to Oliver and Charlotte I did take a before tidy up photo and just now some after photos.  Guess what the girl's bedrooms plus bathroom and a check on Alexis' room took only thirty minutes, can you believe it.
 Alexis' room this afternoon
 Marie-Kate, she's always has the tidiest room out of the five children, in my opinion anyway.

Marie-Kate can often be found at her desk before school, this is her room in an untidy state, I love it.

She nearly always makes her bed too, this is still a before photo

 I took a couple of minutes to tidy and then clean the furniture and floor, it's good enough for me.
Finally Gabrielle, aged twelve, she can be messy but she has been making an effort, however  still needs to organize her clothes

 Messy but heavenly tidy  when you think about Oliver's and Charlotte's rooms
 Gabrielle's desk before tidying, notice that it only has work related stuff on it.

Gaby's bed before, yes she made it, yippee

 Bedroom after a quick tidy

Finally, desk area and book case, she has a large collection of mangas, you only can see a part of the collection here.
Gabrielle is now home and Marie-Kate will soon be back, so I need to finish off the kitchen. Can't wait to see Alexis and for the weekend to begin.

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