mardi 10 avril 2012

Three day Easter weekend

Alexis arrived back safely Friday evening, he was tired and feeling nostalgic (still was not quite himself this morning).  He bought back some yummy Saint Nectaire cheese, lots of stones, and presents for everyone apart from Oliver.
Saturday we shopped for Easter eggs and Oliver sat an English exam for the university in Nanterre (fingers crossed  that he gets a place..I think there are only 30 places).
 Sunday morning the younger children were up at the crack of dawn to search the garden for Easter eggs, at the last minute, Charlotte managed to join them too.
 To stop world war three beginning, we divide the garden up into zones and give each children a zone in which they have to find their big Easter egg, once found, they can search anywhere for smaller eggs that they "should" share out a bit, if someone doesn't manage to find many.  Marie-Kate was looking for her chocolate rabbit* on this photo, in the middle garden.
 Alexis found his egg quickly in the top garden.  It was quite cold, only 3°c, but at least it didn't rain.
 Charlotte huffed and puffed because her egg was too well hidden. All she had to do is look up.  Alain had placed it on a beam in our old (still falling down) garage.
Here are all the children, minus Oliver (lazy boy) with all the eggs they found.

*as of this morning, Marie-Kate's rabbit is still entire, she wants to keep it that way for a while because it's "beau"

Poor Gaby, put her egg on the radiator before falling to sleep Sunday night, so you can guess what happened....  

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