jeudi 31 mai 2012

Thursday's Thrift shop find

 Every Thursday Gaby finishes college at two, and guess what opens at two, a stones throw away from her college?  My favourite thrift shop.  I tell Gaby each time, I'll just have a quick look around, she knows I'm looking for several things on my thrift shopping list (garden bench, vintage kitchen chairs, vintage plates....I could go on) 
This time, I didn't find what I hoped I would, a old rustic garden bench, however I found this bird painting (painted on cotton or something alike) and I just couldn't resist (only ten euros too).  I knew Marie-Kate would love it for or room, so that's where she found it when she came home from school.
 It was hard to get a decent photo because of the sunlight (south facing bedroom), but the colours are just amazing.
Marie-Kate  certainly does love it, me too.

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