mardi 29 mai 2012

Farm visit Ecancourt

Yesterday afternoon, we took Alexis and Mari-Kate over to an educative farm in nearby Ecancourt.   It's just on the edge of a nice shady wood, perfect place to go when it's hot.  The farm opened at four, lucky for us, we had taken their bicycles.  Then just ten minutes to wait, time for MK to fool around with her papa
Meanwhile, Alexis read HP 7 (he finished it later in the day too)

The farm is free to visit and it's perfect for younger children, even though Alexis and Marie-Kate are bigger now, I think they still had fun, but children aged six and under would love this place.  We would have like to buy some farm produce, as we read on their website that they sold eggs, chicken et cetera, but it wasn't to be, today.
This sight made the children laugh, can you see the pair of hiking shoes and legs sticking up out of the ground?
And this insect refuge, we are going to do something like this in our garden.
There was great sundial one of the walls of the farm buildings, one that showed the right time too.  Then it was time to leave, we had to pick up Gabrielle from her friends on the way home.

Just down the road from where Gaby was, I show and liked this water pump.  It would be great if it got restored, but just as it is, it's fine too.

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