mardi 29 mai 2012

Last long weekend in May. Meulan

We intending on going down to the market in Meulan to get some vegetables from our favourite local producer, unfortunately it wasn't to be, because today there was a massive street market (braderie) instead, oh hum no producers in sight, just hoards of people and clothes for sale.  Still all wasn't lost, we thought, we'd go to the butcher's and then baker's shop.  The butcher's shop was closed but opposite the baker's was open, yippee

The photo above was taken on the road a little way down from the closed butcher's shop, I'm not sure when and why these plates were put out on display here, they stick out a little and look a bit out of place, but it's different.

We left Meulan with some baguettes and some yummy bread brown (forgotten the name...Draker out something like that) and of course an eclair au chocolat for Marie-Kate who came with us.

We parked over the other side of La Seine, in the swimming pool's car park.  I don't know whether in can see, but the boat bellow has an English flag on it...nice place to moor your boat. 

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