samedi 19 mai 2012

Oliver and friends and their Hookah

So far this weekend, we have managed to get us and the children out of the house to visit Monet's garden and we have also survived Oliver's soirée last night, that went on through the night till about 4.  Oliver's last guests have just left, and very quietly too, I imagine that they must be suffering after the excess of eating, drinking and smoking all night.   
Of course, Oliver didn't keep to his promise and more friends came than he said.  They bought along a Hookah too, boy I hate the smell of these things and smoking is not allowed in our house, so I'm not a happy bunny today.
I don't dare go down into the basement, pizza's, plates, cups and drinks went down and nothing has come back up, apart from silent 17 and 18 year olds who were far from that last night.
Now I know why we didn't go away for the weekend and leave the house to Oliver and Charlotte.

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