mercredi 16 mai 2012

Roses in our garden.

 Since coming back from the UK, I've been busy in my garden, especially planting around our new deck (not 100% finished yet).   I've bought quite a few roses, mainly David Austin Roses, I love his roses.  Even in Sanary we had some of his roses and they fared quite well, despite the heat and little watering...I can't wait to see these grow here north of the Seine river. On the above photo, you can see two butterfly lavenders and either a Gertrude Jekyll rose or a Sophy's Rose, the problem is, is that it has two labels on it, with these two names, so we'll have to wait and see I suppose.

Sophy or Gertrude?  
Next rose along is Golden Celebration (David Austin again)

And a Soeur  Emmanuelle  (Meilland) 

I found this one at my local DIY store, half the price that some of the other D. Austin roses that I purchased at the garden centre.  It's called Heritage. 

Finally last rose, planted in middle garden, Abraham Derby, this one loves the sun and should thrive here (another half price buy)
 Above, is the view from where I just planted the last rose, looking down onto deck

Another view looking up towards where the Abraham Darby is planted.  The poppies you can see are just beautiful.

Last photo for now, here's some of the grasses I've planted along the side of the patio deck.

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