jeudi 24 mai 2012

Tree platform for the children

 We did it, yes, finished the tree platform, it's quite rustic and I'll probably try to pretty it up a little one day, but for now, it's fine.  You can just see a bit of the fabric canopy I added, through the branches of one of our trees, 
 Getting close, just a short climb up into the top garden, and voila
Happy children.  Alexis is reading Harry Potter 6, yes already and he's crazy for these books.  When he finishes the 7th, he plans to read Tara Duncan (I think there are 7 of these too)
Marie Kate has started reading Le Chaton Magique (there are loads of books in this series) . As for Gaby she's read a Brisou Pellen book as she's through to the final in her college for a reading rally.

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