mercredi 16 mai 2012

Ugly Wall...still ugly for now

We have a horrible concrete wall that separates our garden from that of our next door neighbours Edith and René.  Paint has been flaking off it, along with bits of wall, exposing the metal rods that hold the whole thing together.
Something had to be done.  Two choices, knock the whole awful thing down or repair it!  We decided to do the latter, mainly because we didn't want to worry E & R who are old (the wall is ours) and it would have been a big upheaval for them as they have many plants growing at the foot of the wall and a few climbing roses attached too, they were probably planted about thirty years ago and well, it's the only bit of garden they use and it's pretty, so guess what? I've been working on repairing it.
 Pretty horrid, yes I know.  All the grey bits are where I've already filled in holes or covered over bare concrete.  To the far left hand side where you can see even more cement and a bit of red, this was originally open and led to our house's stables, where the neighbours live fact the our horrible wall wasn't there once upon a time.
 This bit of wall stuck out like a sore thumb, brick breeze blocks!  So I'm screeding over them and when finished I'll paint it the same colour as the other wall.
Just above the breeze brick wall there's a lovely old brick wall, I love this bit.

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