mercredi 13 juin 2012

Marie-Kate doesn't mash her words nor do these other 8 year olds

 As mentioned in an earlier post, it was MK's turn to bring the school newspaper home 
  for us to read.
 In class, the children had to write a couple of sentences about someone close to them. 
MK chose me.  Here's what she wrote(above) or here:
It's my mum.  She has brown hair (this is true), brown eyes (true). She's tall (quite true for 
 my age). She is quick tempered (whoops, I wouldn't want to admit this usually, but ok, I 
can be), maniac (depends for what...sometimes), polite (I try always to be) and 
straightforward (yes, I think so).
To be honest I was a little bothered with what she wrote, stupid really, but I knew lots of other people had read or were to read the newspaper, and I felt like I'd be judged by 
people who didn't know me at all.  Still MK was honest, she told the truth as she sees it
and she's right.  I'll try to be less quick-tempered....

Under MK's text is one by Alexandre, he wrote: It was my father. He was a joker. 
He had short hair and glasses.  He was always happy. 
 Louis wrote this (I wonder if his grandpa was happy when he read it?) My grandpa has short hair and mouth closed.  He's grumpy.

I wouldn't be happy if I were Tom's mum. He wrote: It's my mum. She has brown eyes and straight hair. She does her nails.  She is nasty (or bad, or horrid...)
And Maurice, this one is curious to read
It's my mum.  She has long hair (she doesn't) and she's nice.   She wears clean clothes..
I said it was curious.

 Baudry also wrote that his mum was nasty, but this time, always.
Julia summed her mum up to a tee. 
It's my mum. She wears glasses to read. She's beautiful, laughs a lot, kind(nice) and smiles. She has medium length hair. She's almost never mean (nasty...) She's calm.

mardi 12 juin 2012

President of France: What some 8 years olds would do if they were

 A couple of times a year, our local primary school publishes it's very own newspaper and I got to read it this weekend.   Alexis' class was featured with their recent school trip(camp to Auvergne) and Marie Kate's class took up several pages of the newspaper with photos and an article on what they have been doing in Art, then this, what they would do first if they were president of France and even another couple of pages where they had to describe someone close to them (physically and personality)...MK chose me,  I was a speechless about what she wrote (to come soon) but with hindsight I perfectly ok with it now.
Back to being president (photo's are poor), Marie Kate wrote that she's phase out(ban I suppose) all cars...
Clara, her friend, would eat chips all day
Louis said he's eat at Mac Donald's everyday, whilst another said they would party everyday.
The one I liked a lot was by Maurice who lives opposite us, he wrote he'd ban whale hunting.
Funny what kids write, from eating fast food to banning cars and whale hunting, there's certainly lots of diversity in their opinions and what's important to them.

lundi 11 juin 2012

Kitchen things

After the accident with the hanging rack last week and me no wanting to put it back up in our kitchen, we had to come up with some storage system for our pans and utensils and we opted for something simple and functional.  These Ikea shelves are usually destined for garages or a workshop but not in out case.  Thanks to the space with have gained here, I even found place for some plates and bowls too, this left me lots of space in the farmhouse dresser to free up space and organize things better.

This was an un-used corner of our kitchen, that was until we last visited our favourite thrift store on Saturday (yes before going to Ikea). We found this old table that we just love so much (60 euros) and that little red cupboard above, I was drawn to it by its colour, looks close to Farrow & Balls Blazer to me but I know it can't be.

I've not organized it really, not yet, but these things take time.  Oh yes the cupboard has been given a good clean, but I'm keeping the colours (inside and out) but I shall change the handle one day.  Not bad for 6 euros!

   Marie Kate bought herself a first ever thrift plate, hand painted too, with her own money, now that's one euro well spent (the photo show more of the speckled bread than the plate, oh yes that bread was oh so good, I found the recipe here, how I love her blog.

Bits and trip, camp, baking and tests

 I had to use my phone to take a couple of photos this morning and guess what I found? Yes, the above photo. It seems that my children just can't stop experimenting with cookies and food coloring. I guess this one was Gaby's as she's crazy for anything green.
 The weekend before last we went to a book fair at Alexis' and Marie-Kate's school.  There was an exposition of what the different classes have been working on recently.  Above is Alexis' poster on what they did on the 27th March while in Auvergne (sorry for photo quality)
 And here's Alexis' model of a volcano which he later brought home, along with a very detailed collection of photos, texts and drawings in his very own project book (you can see a couple of them on the table.
 Marie-Kate has been busy too, above and below.  Yes those famous CE1 national tests, probably the last year that they pupils will have to sit them a according to our new socialist government. Sixty point for French and forty for Math and Miss MK did great, with ninety two out of one hundred.

vendredi 8 juin 2012

The tale of our hanging rack

 Our kitchen looked like this yesterday, perhaps less tidy, but with with most of the things you can see on this above photo.   
 Last night however, one of the rawl plugs holding our ceiling rack in place gave up the fight yesterday evening and gave way, sending the chain on the end of it crashing down and making one hell of a noise.  I was in my bedroom and knew it was that, I'd been worried that one day this rack wasn't going to take the weight.  Luckily, no-one was hurt and nothing was broken, the rack itself held fast, supported by the wall hooks and the last remaining ceiling hook, but still it had to come down and I have no intention of putting back up...Cecile and Cedric, if you haven't bought one yet, you can have ours:)
This hole should be easy to fill, but I'm going to have to pop and get some more paint from Farrow and Ball, what a chore....
And I need to rethink our kitchen a little.  I thinking of putting a metal shelf above the stove for the saucepans I use all the time (with hanging space under).  Then cutting our blackboard so it's in-line with the splash back putting at least one long shelf here...Still thinking though, and getting lots of ideas from my favourite blogs like this one for example

lundi 4 juin 2012

Oliver's first suit

 It's a big year for Oliver.  The year he turns eighteen, sits his bacalaureat exams and also passes (passed written) his orals to go to university and several business schools, and for latter orals he needed a suit, his first ever suit.  After eight shops, we found some trousers that fitted, albeit a little to long on the leg, and a suit jacket and one must not forget the shoes too.
Wednesday he's off to Rouen, Friday Caen, Monday, La Defense (close to home) and Wednesday next, he goes to Cergy.  And to wrap the end of the year off, he sits his exams at his Lycée the week after.  Fingers crossed all goes well.

First attempt at making Cake Pops

Alexis tried making some cake pops for Mother's Day yesterday.  The recipe seemed easy, but all didn't go to plan.  I think, perhaps, the pops were too big and the sticks to thin, as they were too heavy when up right.

 However, they tasted great, especially the white chocolate ones. I shall try this week making some more, hopefully things will work out better this time.

We make scones too, a fool proof recipe for Breakfast, Lunch and Tea.  Now these were so good I could just eat another right now, alas all thirty odd scones were eaten before night fall.