lundi 11 juin 2012

Bits and trip, camp, baking and tests

 I had to use my phone to take a couple of photos this morning and guess what I found? Yes, the above photo. It seems that my children just can't stop experimenting with cookies and food coloring. I guess this one was Gaby's as she's crazy for anything green.
 The weekend before last we went to a book fair at Alexis' and Marie-Kate's school.  There was an exposition of what the different classes have been working on recently.  Above is Alexis' poster on what they did on the 27th March while in Auvergne (sorry for photo quality)
 And here's Alexis' model of a volcano which he later brought home, along with a very detailed collection of photos, texts and drawings in his very own project book (you can see a couple of them on the table.
 Marie-Kate has been busy too, above and below.  Yes those famous CE1 national tests, probably the last year that they pupils will have to sit them a according to our new socialist government. Sixty point for French and forty for Math and Miss MK did great, with ninety two out of one hundred.

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