lundi 11 juin 2012

Kitchen things

After the accident with the hanging rack last week and me no wanting to put it back up in our kitchen, we had to come up with some storage system for our pans and utensils and we opted for something simple and functional.  These Ikea shelves are usually destined for garages or a workshop but not in out case.  Thanks to the space with have gained here, I even found place for some plates and bowls too, this left me lots of space in the farmhouse dresser to free up space and organize things better.

This was an un-used corner of our kitchen, that was until we last visited our favourite thrift store on Saturday (yes before going to Ikea). We found this old table that we just love so much (60 euros) and that little red cupboard above, I was drawn to it by its colour, looks close to Farrow & Balls Blazer to me but I know it can't be.

I've not organized it really, not yet, but these things take time.  Oh yes the cupboard has been given a good clean, but I'm keeping the colours (inside and out) but I shall change the handle one day.  Not bad for 6 euros!

   Marie Kate bought herself a first ever thrift plate, hand painted too, with her own money, now that's one euro well spent (the photo show more of the speckled bread than the plate, oh yes that bread was oh so good, I found the recipe here, how I love her blog.

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