mercredi 13 juin 2012

Marie-Kate doesn't mash her words nor do these other 8 year olds

 As mentioned in an earlier post, it was MK's turn to bring the school newspaper home 
  for us to read.
 In class, the children had to write a couple of sentences about someone close to them. 
MK chose me.  Here's what she wrote(above) or here:
It's my mum.  She has brown hair (this is true), brown eyes (true). She's tall (quite true for 
 my age). She is quick tempered (whoops, I wouldn't want to admit this usually, but ok, I 
can be), maniac (depends for what...sometimes), polite (I try always to be) and 
straightforward (yes, I think so).
To be honest I was a little bothered with what she wrote, stupid really, but I knew lots of other people had read or were to read the newspaper, and I felt like I'd be judged by 
people who didn't know me at all.  Still MK was honest, she told the truth as she sees it
and she's right.  I'll try to be less quick-tempered....

Under MK's text is one by Alexandre, he wrote: It was my father. He was a joker. 
He had short hair and glasses.  He was always happy. 
 Louis wrote this (I wonder if his grandpa was happy when he read it?) My grandpa has short hair and mouth closed.  He's grumpy.

I wouldn't be happy if I were Tom's mum. He wrote: It's my mum. She has brown eyes and straight hair. She does her nails.  She is nasty (or bad, or horrid...)
And Maurice, this one is curious to read
It's my mum.  She has long hair (she doesn't) and she's nice.   She wears clean clothes..
I said it was curious.

 Baudry also wrote that his mum was nasty, but this time, always.
Julia summed her mum up to a tee. 
It's my mum. She wears glasses to read. She's beautiful, laughs a lot, kind(nice) and smiles. She has medium length hair. She's almost never mean (nasty...) She's calm.

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