mardi 12 juin 2012

President of France: What some 8 years olds would do if they were

 A couple of times a year, our local primary school publishes it's very own newspaper and I got to read it this weekend.   Alexis' class was featured with their recent school trip(camp to Auvergne) and Marie Kate's class took up several pages of the newspaper with photos and an article on what they have been doing in Art, then this, what they would do first if they were president of France and even another couple of pages where they had to describe someone close to them (physically and personality)...MK chose me,  I was a speechless about what she wrote (to come soon) but with hindsight I perfectly ok with it now.
Back to being president (photo's are poor), Marie Kate wrote that she's phase out(ban I suppose) all cars...
Clara, her friend, would eat chips all day
Louis said he's eat at Mac Donald's everyday, whilst another said they would party everyday.
The one I liked a lot was by Maurice who lives opposite us, he wrote he'd ban whale hunting.
Funny what kids write, from eating fast food to banning cars and whale hunting, there's certainly lots of diversity in their opinions and what's important to them.

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