jeudi 12 juillet 2012

Bedroom Switch and my trials and tribulations with Farrow & Ball

 Charlotte and Gaby have switched bedrooms, well I switched them around after blowing a fuse with the state of Charlotte's room.  Unfortunately for her, her old room is just next to ours on the first floor, and it's the one that I saw before any other, mainly because, she''s leave her door wide open, or have the music so loud (yes even at 7am) that I had to go in and get her to turn it down.
That fatal day, the day I found her room looking like this

I blew it, luckily for her that she wasn't there.  I spent an entire Wednesday, hauling things up and down two flights of stairs.

At the end of the day Charlotte's room became Gaby's at looked like this. Poor Gaby got stuck with Alexis' bed and he got her Ikea one (I really didn't want to dismantle that bed, I dreaded that it would never be solid after) .  The idea was, that I find a vintage metal bed, paint the room using Farrow and Ball and make it all dreamy and girly.
This didn't happen.  My husband went to F & B in Paris and was sold (for the second time) paint, the wrong paint. Alain didn't question the sales person who served him (who turned out to be the manger), but I noticed straight way. When he asked for "Calluna" for the walls and the same colour for the skirting boards, she gave him a tin and said that it was for both.
He came home with paint for wood and metalwork instead of modern state emulsion and another tin for the woodwork.   Of course, he took the paint back, and as this had already happened before, we decided to opt for a full refund.  Now I still love F & B paints, but I will never by from this boutique again.  I contacted the head office, complained and asked why they'd sell paint destined for wood and metal for walls.  I received some polite, apologetic emails, but no answers.   
I was still left with bubblegum pink walls that had to go and ended up with Tollens. Gaby chose Petale de Violette and Douce Eglantine, and they go perfectly together.

There are still pictures to hang and the floor to varnish again one day, but for now it's fine by me and it's tidy.  I took these photos this morning, never moved a thing, Gaby was busy playing on the xbox so I had to be quick.  
I made the stripy curtains using some fabric bought from Ikea

 The vintage bed I had hoped for, became a Ikea bed with a pull-out bed for friends that slides out under it. Even the book case is on castors and can be rolled into the head of the bed.
 She's adopted MK's book case for her manga's, she kept the Brinjal colour (F & B) and it works well in the room
She put her London map print above her bed (Famille Summerbelle), just need to hang some posters and pictures on the wall behind her bed.

To finish, this is her desk, Mr H's old kitchen table (Charlotte's got G's old one).  Along with two tam tams, that's want Gaby's room looked like  this morning. A computer is planned at Christmas if she keeps up the hard work, but for now she's got O's x box sometimes and my sewing machine, and she's one happy twelve year old.

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