vendredi 13 juillet 2012

Bye Bye Old Friend

Yesterday I said goodbye to an old friend, one I will never see again, but it's for the best, my car has served me well, bought it in 2001 aged one year old and now aged twelve it was time to part.  
Since moving here, my children haven't required my services at a taxi driver (primary school a stones throw away and school buses for older children) and Alain rides his bicycle to local train station and catches a high-speed bus...yes bus, not train, to work.  If he goes away, which is usually often, apart from at the moment, his company pay for taxis for airport runs et cetera.  
We were keeping my little car for either Oliver or Charlotte, the first to pass their driving test, however, it seems the chance of Oliver passing his test in the next six months is highly unlikely and in the meantime the 206 hasn't been feeling so well.  The speed counter broke a couple of months ago, there has been a oil leak (tiny) for ages and the final straw came last week, when I noticed the exhaust pipe nearly touching the floor!  The exhaust was fine, good condition in fact, it's just that the brackets holding in place had snapped.  I managed to get under the car and fix it to the frame with a heavy duty elastic cord with hooks on the end, our old neighbour Robert, would have thought this a crazy idea, but it worked.
The car has gone to "troc" (they sell and we split the sale price, not sure if it's 50/50).  My car needs fixing first but then should sell quickly.  I just hope it goes to a good home, and if we can get a couple of hundred euros back, now that would be wonderful.
Now we are a one car household. We are looking into the idea of either buying an electric bicycle or small scooter/ motorbike but there's no rush.  One car less, means a saving of 400 euros per year in insurance, we're happy with that. Finger-crossed it sells fast.

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