samedi 28 juillet 2012

Massif Central with a donkey called Chocolat

Massif Central avec nos enfants (10 et 8 ans) et un âne by marialedoux78 at Garmin Connect - Details

We're back, after spending five days of six with a donkey called Chocolat.  We picked him up at Pessade and he walked with us, carrying our bags (two backpacks for four, 18kg), and around a part of the Massif Central.  
The holiday was organized through Terres d'Aventures, which I can't recommend more highly, it was just perfect.  We stayed in three different hotels/gites (more later) half board, ate some great food and some not so good, but how we loved this region of France and its chesse, especially the Saint Nectaire.
Without Chocolat, our donkey, I don't thing Marie-Kate would have managed, she looked after him well and it took her mind off the walking.  
I haven't downloaded our photos yet, so for now, you can click on the above link and see where we walked, how far, how fast and even how many calories we burnt, now that's technology for you.

This holiday was good training for Alain and I, as very soon, we are going to do the GR5 between Thonon Les Bains and Chamonix which is about 110km with 8000 meters in height overall to climb and four days to do it, well that's our goal.  

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