mercredi 18 juillet 2012

Siblings at war..

Oliver had an x-box.  He used to play a lot with it, mostly the same game, a football one, rather boring in my opinion.  Anyhow it got damaged some how and after that, the X box was hidden away in a cupboard.  Then one day, Oliver had this idea, one to sell it to his brothers and sisters, which he did.
Everything was fine till a couple of weeks ago when Oliver bought another football 2013 (probably 9th or 10th one, just the year changes), and guess what?  Yes, he wanted his toy back and said without a contract, one he signed, there wasn't any proof.  Oliver kept teasing Gaby about this, which wasn't the thing to do.  Gaby devised a plan all on her own, the idea being, to get Oliver to resign a contract.  Yesterday that plan was put into action.  Oliver received this letter. He thought it was from the business school he's going to, this year.

 I had been wondering what Gaby was up to, now I know.   She had cut and pasted a false letter and added in very small print (see under) the clause that by signing this, he would give Gaby the X-Box.
Upon receiving the letter and barely reading it, he signed.  I couldn't believe that it worked to easily.
Anyhow, just before dinner, Gaby announced the news.  How did Oliver take it?  Well to put it mildly, he went crazy, tried to rip up the letter, then went to Gaby's room, tried to take back the X-Box, didn't manage that either.  I told him to calm down and we'd resolve this problem over dinner.  He banged a few doors (after throwing various wires and x box parts across the room) and retired to his room.
Dinner was ready, Oliver was called, he said he wasn't eating.  
Fifteen hours later, Oliver is still in his room sulking, but as he never gets up before 13h, perhaps I'm being pessimist, but I reckon I'm going to have a hell of a day with them both.
One thing I have learnt, is that Gaby, when pushed, is capable of being a formidable adversary and she's only twelve years old!

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