mercredi 11 juillet 2012

Welcome to Bug Land

 Back again.  Alexis and Marie-Kate broke up for the school holidays last Thursday, long after Charlotte, who finished in the second week in June and Gaby the 26th of the same month (mental reminder, I have some great footage from end of school Abba musical she starred in)
whilst, Oliver, of course, sat his exams.   
The first week is already halfway through, the weather is dismal, I've even got a thick fleece on today.  No plans for this week, just cool and relaxed, it that's not too much to ask.
Alexis has been busy as you know with his pyrography and Marie-Kate has been drilling.
She screwed this entire bug hotel together,I cut the wood and she did the rest.  MK chose Bug and Alexis, Land, for the name of this insect residence.  
They are hoping that some bugs will move in soon.  Our garden is full of earwigs, so I bet there'll be some in there soon.  There's even a pile of leaves for a hedgehog or two. In Sanary we had a family of these prickly things that took up home in our enormous  compost.

Next up, we are going to make a refuge for ladybirds, but not today.  Today, I have to help a rather disorganized sixteen year old pack her bag for three weeks, I've even blocked her internet until she gets something done...things one has to done to get results these days.

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