mardi 21 août 2012

3rd Day at Laschamps

We woke up early on our third day, stepped outside onto the balcony to greet a cloudless day and a donkey, our donkey I hasten to add, that had escaped his enclosure, and was happily grazing in the field next to our hotel.

Alain, Alexis and Marie-Kate were given the task to spoil his fun and take him back to where he was supposed to be (where you see the trees in the background, so not far)

View walking back from the Puy Pariou

As it was going to be a very hot day and we were going to hike where it was unsuitable for Chocolat, we decided to leave him in the shade of his field, making sure he had plenty of water for the day, then we were off.  We didn't want to climb to the Puy de Dome, instead we chose to carry on to the Puy Pariou, which Alexis had visited with his class earlier in the year.   Alexis and I walked faster than Alain and Marie-Kate and we climbed the 524 steps to the ridge of the volcano quite quickly. Wow it was stunning and the view all around too.
Marie-Kate, who had previously refused to climb up,  actually did it in the end, but as soon as she reached the summit, she wanted to go down straight away, so that we did.

We had a great day and walked about 14 kilometers.  When we got back to the hotel, naughty Chocolat was to be found on on the hotel's lawn, he'd escaped again.  Funnily enough, four other donkeys joined him during the day and not one of them managed to escape, just our coquin donkey.   To make up for leaving him, we took him for a long walk before dinner.
It wasn't over though, he escaped whilst we were eating dinner, and again the following morning he was on the loose, but not far away, just an antisocial donkey, who didn't like his fellow friends and preferred his own company or that of humans.  A liked this donkey.

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