samedi 18 août 2012

Auvergne with two children and a donkey (Pessade to Orcival)

Meet Chocolat, our donkey for a week, the one that carried our 17kilos of luggage 83 kms over a six day period.  We picked him up in Pessade (Rando Ane) a a round 11am on our second day (first night camping next to Lac Aydat).

 After going over how to car for a donkey and where to find the fields to put him in of a night, we were off.  Above is a view after Pessade towards where we were heading.

After about ten kilometers this is where we stayed for the night, Orcival.  We really loved this village and looking back, this is where we ate out best meal.  A delicous Saint Nectaire Tart, followed by a so tender beef casserole (paleron), then a cheese platter and a creme brulée.  If you are even in Orcival, go and check out the Hotel de la Cassade, it's a bit stuck in a time warp but the owners are lovely and the food, well, fantastic.

One of the many things are love about this region of France, a part from the food and the people, is the architecture, especially the roofs shapes and slate used.
Alexis and Marie Kate preferred what was housed under that roof, a chocolate artisan.

We only stayed here for one night and the night day we made our way to Laschamps (more to follow)
The church in the background is called Notre Dame. On the outside walls you can see prisoner's balls and chains hanging.  This church is devoted to freed prisoners.

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