lundi 10 septembre 2012

The Interview, stress, apprehension and more

Finding a job, I've been toying with the idea for sometime, now the children are bigger and  we only have two bathrooms to re-do and a small barn  conversion too, needing professional help, hence nothing started yet!
Anyhow, there I am, not as young any more and thinking if I want to get a job that I'd actually like, I better get looking now.   

Two weeks ago, I revised CV, and started looking on the internet, using key words like, "anglais langue maternelle" or "assistant (bilingue) anglais"  et cetera, and I was pleasantly surprised to see there were lots possible positions that appealed, knowing though, that I lack(ed) experience in an office environment after so long bringing up my our children, working and teaching English, running workshops with teachers, book clubs with friends, translation work for several people, my comfort zone..until now.
I've sent four CV's off and so far have, have been lucky, because out of the four companies I have applied to work for, one company is reviewing my application after being shortlisted by the recruitment firm, the second company called me on Friday and I have an interview Thursday in Paris and third, the last one I sent my resumé off to, they actually called me the same day to schedule a interview (been in a state of panic ever since).   
Now post interview, yes, Friday last, at two, I was sitting in a small office with a view of the river Seine (if I'd have dared to get up and look) trying not to come across as stressed as I actually felt, talking with a really nice and very young (compared to me) guy, who really made me feel quite myself.  He told me about the business (I'd already Googled it but still I listened...I really had done my work well though), the post, then asked me to talk about myself (on both a professional and personal level)...yikes...knew it was going to be my turn soon, and I really didn't want to speak too fast (I do that a lot) and certainly try not to make any mistake in French and the same time (tough considering the situation).  I had no idea how it went, not a inkling of an idea what he was  thinking at the time and the ordeal still wasn't over, Mr young and nice went to get me a coffee, nice thought,  and find the general manager,  ok I remained calm  for the first couple of minutes alone, but as the minutes ticked by, all I thought about was my impending failure (confidence zero).
Mr GM came, looking younger than the photos I'd found of him while googling, but I knew he was just a little younger that I, and I really liked him.  We conversed in English (he doesn't speak French yet) and all seemed to be going well, until I had a mental block and was able to answer a really simple question (been kicking myself since, so dumb). This happened towards the end of the interview and was told they'd had some excellent candidates and they would be making a decision next week, which is this week now, because it's Monday.

All weekend I've been over analysing what I could have done better, too numerous to count, I know.  Wondering would they call to tell me I hadn't got the job?  That would be just awful.  
I've managed to get though the day without thinking 100% of the time about it, crazy I know, me a grown woman, five children, getting into a state over this.
Today I have had my phone on me all the time, I have received six text messages and not one call, well, not tell five this afternoon. I'd left my mobile in my room and was doing homework with MK when the home phone rang, I got to the phone and saw it was "the" number and just couldn't bring myself to pick up the phone (immature to boot).  Then I went to find my phone, same number had tried to contact me there too....missed called and VOICE mail.   Have I listened to it?  Hell no, the children want to, but I'll wait till Alain gets home, it could be good news but something tells me to be apprehensive, so just another couple of hours to wait.  Update, for better or worse later.
Update:  listened and they want me to call them back! Good sign maybe...I'll call after nine, finger crossed.

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