dimanche 9 septembre 2012

Three restaurants in Brittany...First up Avel Vor

To celebrate Alain's thirty something birthday, we reserved to table at L'Avel Vor in Port Louis.
We had heard mixed reviews about this place, hence us not eating there before now (we've been going to Brittany ever year for twelve years now.
The website probably sold me on trying this place out, so hats off to whoever did the job on it, because you (me at least) feel virtually immersed in the restaurant.
The compliments stop here...well nearly, maybe just one for the dessert.

Upon entering the restaurant we were fairly warmly greeted and shown to our table, which was placed next to a window, which good (there are some badly positioned tables, with little or no intimacy, fairly gloomy and noisy to add), then we mulled over the menu, knowing really that we'd already decided before hand. We chose the menu Terre et Mer at 63 euros and then waited.  
More people arrived, the restaurant was almost to full capacity and there were only two floor staff, and the chef's wife who wasn't very efficient.   Before even ordering (we were ready though) some amuse bouches were served, I thought this odd, but ate up. I racking my brains trying to remember what we actually ate, but nothing springs to mind, so nothing exceptional, just ok.
Still no-one came to take our order, making us feel slightly uncomfortable, we finished by having to ask by form of gestures (this is a one star michelin restaurant, service should be important),    
Eventually, after our order was taken and wine chosen, the first course came quickly, which was Nage de lotte aux aromates et tomates, vinaigre de Xeres (Monfish with herbs, tomatoes and Xeres vinegar).  The fish was good (never had a bad experience when it comes to fish from this region of France), however the plate lacked something, maybe some more seasoning would have been good.
For our next service we had a filet of sole, stuffed with blue lobster  and a duxelle of mushrooms, it looked good, tasted ok, still missing that something special and the course was served a little too cold for my liking.
I knew when it came to the next course, pigeon with pan-fried foie gras and crispy potatoes, that I'd probably have issues with the pigeon, which turned out to be true, so I can't be objective about this one, because I just don't like pigeon, but Alain disliked it too and the way it was prepared.  
I did say earlier there weren't any more compliments to be given a part from the dessert and thanks to that, it saved our evening from being one huge gastronomic disappointment (that sounds harsh, but true).
We ate the most amazing, truly probably one of the best ever desserts served in a restaurant or anywhere else for that matter, that night, a delice  choco passion, sablé à la vanille de Madagascar (chocolate passion delice,  and a Madagascar vanilla sable.
It looked fantastic, tasted devine, just faultless, awesome chocolate, texture, taste, vanilla sable that just melted in my mouth....now just for that I'd go back there, right now, but just for dessert.  And, I'd do almost anything for a sable right now with my cup of tea, but I'll have to do with a chocolate tartine.

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