samedi 13 octobre 2012

Things have been a bit quiet

I haven't had time to update the blog recently, I also have been waiting, because do you remember the job I applied for and the interview? Well I got the job with a short one month trial period, and that period ended yesterday, so yippee, I have a CDI in a small French company (part of a much bigger International company).  
The photo above is clue to which type of business I'm working in.

What can I say, they job is great, my boss, fantastic, the others employees are nice too.

Working full-time and having a family to look after is proving not to be that difficult for Alain and I. Granted I see the children for less time on weekdays (1 hour and 45 minutes less each day) but our time together is better, there seems to be less conflict* and weekends are just great, busy, but how I love weekends at home now.

Lots have things have been happening around here, we have had Gaby's German correspondant here during the week, and guess what?  We actually started to redo the children's bathroom on the top to come this weekend

*Charlotte has been very difficult, once a week, for the last two weeks for not apparent reason, she suddenly just blows a fuse...hard for us parents.