jeudi 6 décembre 2012

Cats at La Defense near Paris

Everyday, I have to walk from one end of end of La Defense to catch a tram at the other end.
Depending what time I pass, there's more or less people to dodge pass. It can get pretty crazy here, underground, especially during rush hour.
No matter what time of day, I always see the same people asking for money or a luncheon ticket to enable them to eat. There's one man who sits next to his shopping trolley and writes all day, I'd love to read what he writes, but I'm far to shy to talk with him, he seems to be different to the others at La Defense, seems contented, weird really.
Then there's Mr 20 something with his cute little dog, he never looks up and I feel uncomfortable each time I pass. His dog sleeps most of the time.
Once under La Defense, on the left (see poor photo) there's always a woman with a cat, the woman was once old but now a younger one has taken her place, the cat is the same though. 
I thought there was just one cat woman, but no there are at least three and one cat man too, placed in different areas close-by. So this makes me uncomfortable too.  All these cats look well treated, but they are on leads and they just stay underground all day.  I have been checking on the internet, I have read that they are sedated, hence why perhaps, these cats seem happy to never hardly move.
Apparently these people work at part of a organized group and you shouldn't give them money, I wouldn't, but plenty do, so until I find an office above ground I'm just going to have to live with seeing these poor cat on leads. Sad

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  1. I agree and I found out via this link that this isn't new, these cats have probably always been attached and never had a normal "cats" life.
    The cat on the link is one of the cats I see everyday. It's really sad