dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Christmas Gift List

 I have been busy Christmas shopping.  I actually started in August, by buying three paintings (one oil and two water colours) from a small gallery in Port Louis in Brittany. Since then I have slowly gathering other presents, mostly books and posters for now.

Alexis likes humorous books, so Tom Gates "C'est Moi" and the second book from this collection should be a success. The next two books haven't yet been bought, as they are for me and it's to remind me to buy them once I have finished "Blanche Neige Doit Mourir", which I just love, but get little time to read. 
Tales For Very Picky Eaters, won the Geisel Award this year, and although this is aimed a young readers, I just couldn't resist for Alexis, who is the pickiest eater in France if not the world.  Then there's the Guinness World Records 2013, Charlotte's crazy for these, never bought one before, but just this once...

 First another book for me, then a Carpe Diem calendar for Marie-Kate,each day just tears off like a stamp, this will go next to her new desk.  Breaking Stalin's Nose is a Newberry Honors winner this year and I hope Alexis will like it

And if Alexis doesn't like the last book, I know that he's going to love this Piggy Bank.

From here I've been shopping again after being delighted with all previous posters.
The Beer one is for Oliver, who since starting business school, certainly knows how to party and spend far too much money.  Gabrielle has space on her will for A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Hollywood, this poster is really super.

I found this night light and I love it, most likely for Alexis would has broken his last two lamps. When you finish reading for the night, you pop your book, open on the page for next time.
The Insanely  Great History of Apple is a present for Alain, this is a limited edition print, I think it's numbered 534 out of 1000 (have to check).

To wrap up for now, a new t-shirt for Alain (Pop Chart Lab again) and finally after coveting this Mathieu Challières lamp for so long, guess what...one has been ordered, so I am one very happy bunny.

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