dimanche 2 décembre 2012

Edible Christmas Wreaths (Nigella Lawson)

Yesterday, we managed to clean the house from top to bottom (excluding basement), do the weekly shopping for seven, welcome children's friends who came to play or as for the case of Charlotte, cook breakfast pancakes for her and friend who often sleeps over.
I wrapped presents, washed clothes, then hung them to dry (no drier here), put Christmas tree up, decorated later by the children and even manage to cook or make, thank to Nigella Lawson's Christmas cookbook, two tins of Rocky Road with Gaby and MK's help, two meals worth of Chili Choc Carni and these Christmas Wreaths with help from Gaby.  Besides being easy to make, they are just so adorably cute.
All that's needed is cornflakes, marshmallows, vanilla extract and some sprinkles to decorate.

We will certainly be making some more and soon, what's good about them too, is the fact that they can be frozen...I yes we have bought a new chest freezer, that lives in our rather messy basement. Why didn't we buy one earlier.

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