dimanche 6 janvier 2013

A cloud inside the house

With the thousands of photos we have, plus 15 wifi users and more... we have being looking for a solution to back up our data for a while. Finally, after much wavering, we bought our own little cloud, a Synology DS213+. Since November it's been sitting in its box waiting for me to stop procrastinating and install it.  I was a little hesitant, as some work colleagues said I wouldn't find it easy, even just the installation!

Like most NAS's, this one came without any hard disks, so we bought two Western Digital NAS 1To red.
Eight screws later, and two trays slotted into place and I was ready to go. 
The rest was just child's play, after linking it to our Livebox, and typing some like //find Synology, our NAS was located. Formatting the disks took a little bit longer then10 minutes, and then the welcome page popped up.  

Above, there's the DSM (Disk Station Manager 4.1), which has a user-friendly interface and seems really intuitive to use (so far). I have created some shared folders and now my next task is to transfer all of our photos which are currently on my MB pro onto the NAS.  Also we have to give this little cloud a name.
So far, so good, why did I listen to those guys in the first place...

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