samedi 16 février 2013

 Things have been busy around here recently...whats new!   A couple of weeks ago we had quite a lot of snow which made the children happy. Alain managed to leave on a business trip to Kuala Lumpur just before , leaving us to have fun snow ball fighting and making some snow people/animals.   

Marie-Kate opted for a snow pony,  it looked great when she had finished (no photo).

The children are really social at the moment (unlike their parents), even Marie-Kate has invited three friends over today, which is amazing...I forgot how noisy eight year olds could be!  
We have been busy working on the children's bathroom which is still unfinished... A couple of weeks ago we went over to Pantin after successfully bidding on a new super comfy chair with footstool.  Alain loves it, the problem is, finding time to just sit down and relax with all the children around.
If I see him sitting down on it, I take a photo.

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