dimanche 10 mars 2013


Gaby turned thirteen on Friday.  
Friday, I had to supervise our office move and her papa was and still is in Congo, so this year wasn't quite like the others before. However Gaby, mature as ever has taken it all in her stride and we have had an excellent weekend.  Friday we ate her favorite food, Chinese.
Saturday we spent a lot of time in the garden as the weather was quite exceptional (unlike today).

 She never had a cake till today, so it had to be good, and as she's crazy for Ben and Jerry's ice-cream, we made a Baked Alaska
 Alexis and Marie-Kate decorated it and it looked and tasted great.

Gaby hasn't had all of her birthday presents yet, we are waiting for her papa to return (sometime) but she did get to open her beautiful charm bracelet...that incidentally now to scared to wear just in-case she were to lose it.

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