mardi 23 avril 2013

9 Years Old

Marie-Kate turned nine yesterday. Our little girl is growing up so fast.

Her papa took the day off, so she could come home for lunch, where they shared a delicious cheese and onion omelette.
 She opened one present in advance, "Sims Supernatural" for her PC.  
We have three girls who are crazy for Sims...  She had a couple of books (not enough), a scarf making kit from her grandparents in Brittany, clothes and some money from Grannie in the UK (ear-marked for books), and lots of pony accessories and new boots, johhpurs et cetera...

Marie-Kate is a sweet girl, very sensitive, thoughtful, who if crossed can become "very" hot tempered and very loud.  She loves school, reading comic books and manga's, playing Sims and hanging out with Gaby and Alexis.
Her favourite meal is breakfast, although her favourite food is probably cheese, she is gourmand and hates fast food.

Happy Birthday Marie-Kate!

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