dimanche 21 avril 2013

Alexis the Journalist

 It's Alexis' last year in primary school, next year he will join Gaby at college.  Alexis had a great teacher last year and this year Mr L has turned out to be equally as good. In the last 18 months, Alexis has grown to be extremely competitive and his school results are fantastic, he is very proud to still be holding on to a 20 of average in Geography. 
Overall for the last term, he had a almost 20 of average for all subjects.

Alexis' class have been writing again in the school newspaper,  the class had to write about the short movies they had watched.  Alexis' is above, he finished his article by saying that, since watching them, he has he sees the world through a different eye now. He later told us that this was just him using  journalistic license.
Here's another article Alexis wrote, this time about Biodiversity (the other one, was written by Jeremy, Alexis' best friend.

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