samedi 13 juillet 2013

Summer Camp "Survivors" camp

Alexis really didn't want to go on his summer camp, his first ever summer camp, and it took a lot of persuasion, I mean really a lot and a fews promises about which phone he could chose when he came back home.... he is an extremely good negotiator, so you can imagine the phone he's going to get!

His camp is in La Creuse and we can catch up with what they have been doing via a blog (photo taken from there).  Alexis is on the photo, he's the one with the green t-shirt on. 

We had a call two days ago from the camp leader, Gabrielle took a confusing message about Alexis that had been bitten or stung something beginning by a T.

We phoned straight back after returning from work.  It turned out that he'd been bitten by a tick and he had to go and have it removed by a doctor.  He's on antibiotics and he's fine, in fact it turns out after speaking with Alexis on the telephone that he is loving his camp.  I thought he'd beg us to pick him up...what a pessimist I am!  
We are use so happy that he's having fun and making new friends whilst sailing, cabin building. And for the next two nights he is going to sleep à la belle étoile.  

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