dimanche 14 juillet 2013

Water Slide

The house is feeling a little empty without the children.  It's strange not to be woken up at 6 on a Sunday.   Having a tidy  house. Not having to stop squabbling  children several times a day.
Cooking for two. Still being in bed at 10.40!!  

Before the children left they asked for a swimming pool, but instead we bought a water slide and it's turned out to be the perfect choice.  Friends have been to play most weekends and even after school.  Even without a squirt of washing-up liquid, they almost fly down the 10 meters so fast.

I tidied the slide away yesterday and mowed the lawn which took hours ( our battery-powered lawn mower hates long grass).

Alexis and MK arrive back next Saturday, Alexis at 13h and MK at 20h.  For our last night before they get back, we have reserved a super suite in a Parisian hotel and a great restaurant. I'm looking forward to this, but I'm looking forward to Saturday and seeing A and MK a million times more.  

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