dimanche 10 novembre 2013

Back after nearly four months

Since working full time, it's really hard to find time to update this blog, well to do anything other than, eat sleep, look after the  children and their homework et cetera still I can't belief it's been four months since I have logged in here.
And it's November already!

  So much as happened in the last four months,  for example:

  • Oliver left home for the first time for his internship in the UK during the summer, only to come back to move into an apartment near his campus..which costs a fortune.
  • MK and Alexis went away on their first summer camp for two weeks and loved it
  • Gaby went away for three week tour of Scandinavia and hated the first week but loved the rest of her time there
  • Charlotte went to India for three weeks, and had a fantastic time
  • Charlotte's taking driving lessons
  • Took the children to see Les Fourberies de Scapin at Versailles 
  • We went to Guadeloupe for a couple of weeks with Gaby, Alexis and MK..lucky us
  • Back to school happened, Alexis is now in 6eme!
  • Only MK left in primary, yikes
  • We bought a water rower and a new desk
  • We have started Christmas shopping rather late
  • We have been reading a lot, especially Game of Thrones..watching it too
  • Loving House of Cards, Scandal, Homeland...
Back soon with some photos:)

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