lundi 30 décembre 2013


We bought some programming books for kids this Christmas and so far we have downloaded Kodu for Kids. I have to admit that I'm really happy with this purchase and MK and Alexis seem to love it already, without needing the book, whereas I do, and I have taken the book to bed to be able to understand exactly what you have to do  to build your own  game.

samedi 28 décembre 2013


 Some of the presents the children received this Christmas this year include a guitar for Alexis.
A furby for MK that drives me crazy and the children too, they even played "operation Furby" on it, but didn't get round to dissecting it (just yet), just taking the batteries out covering him with cling film!
They have a new gamer PC that we keep downstairs so we can monitor how much time they play.
We have bought some programming books for children too, more to come later
Also a present for all the artists in the family is due to come this morning, so it's quite exciting.

Meanwhile, Alain has arrived in Walvis Bay this morning and will sail and while performing tests until the ship arrives of the coast of Nigeria for its operation.

college drawings

 When Alexis drew and shaded his picture above, his teacher didn't believe him at first that he did it (looks better in reality)  but he did.  He spent hours on it too.  Apparently , the other drawings  in the class were so bad, she assumed he had help (he finished it off at home, like all his classmates). He did do it and has proved it since. He got a 19 for this dog.  Alexis loves drawing portraits and now can drawing great noses which he is happy about.
When Gaby was in 6eme, she had a similar topic to do, but she only had the half of the picture to complete, she did it on her own too and got a 17.
Gaby's speciality is drawing mangas.

vendredi 27 décembre 2013


 I bought a vintage desk way back when we lived in Sanary which now is in Alexis' room. I miss having a desk at home, I work better with one...
While visiting our local thrift shop a couple of month's ago, Alain found this desk to take its place that we snapped up, perhaps they didn't manage to sell it quicker due to its size, it's huge.  It came with its original keys and has a  secret compartment too!!!
We placed it up against one of our sofa's and gave our square table (thrift again) to our neighbour.
 Since buying it, our children, especially Alexis, have commandeered it. This wasn't supposed to happen.  Alexis can be found sitting there, morning and evening, his workbooks cover it and are usually stored under it.  It's only now, during the festive period that I have managed to move him and his stuff from my desk....
Now I have just got to get rid of Gaby's math, Marie Kate's Furby (scary creature) and other kids paraphernalia....wish me luck (photos date from ages ago).

August in December

Christmas has already past, the children have been spoilt a little less than in past years but that's not a bad thing. 
Christmas was good, time went too fast and now it's the 27th December and I have actually some time to blog, read, spend quality time with the children (not in that order).
Alain left for Nigeria today for an operation off-shore, it's going to be weird to not spend New Year's with him. 

 I have many photos to go through and here's the first few, this time from our holiday this summer in Guadeloupe.  I wish we were still there.  
We stayed in an fantastic villa about 10 minutes drive from Saint Anne's  We climbed to the top of La Grande Soufière, visited main parts of the island, ate great food and basically had a wonderful time