vendredi 27 décembre 2013

August in December

Christmas has already past, the children have been spoilt a little less than in past years but that's not a bad thing. 
Christmas was good, time went too fast and now it's the 27th December and I have actually some time to blog, read, spend quality time with the children (not in that order).
Alain left for Nigeria today for an operation off-shore, it's going to be weird to not spend New Year's with him. 

 I have many photos to go through and here's the first few, this time from our holiday this summer in Guadeloupe.  I wish we were still there.  
We stayed in an fantastic villa about 10 minutes drive from Saint Anne's  We climbed to the top of La Grande Soufière, visited main parts of the island, ate great food and basically had a wonderful time

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