vendredi 27 décembre 2013


 I bought a vintage desk way back when we lived in Sanary which now is in Alexis' room. I miss having a desk at home, I work better with one...
While visiting our local thrift shop a couple of month's ago, Alain found this desk to take its place that we snapped up, perhaps they didn't manage to sell it quicker due to its size, it's huge.  It came with its original keys and has a  secret compartment too!!!
We placed it up against one of our sofa's and gave our square table (thrift again) to our neighbour.
 Since buying it, our children, especially Alexis, have commandeered it. This wasn't supposed to happen.  Alexis can be found sitting there, morning and evening, his workbooks cover it and are usually stored under it.  It's only now, during the festive period that I have managed to move him and his stuff from my desk....
Now I have just got to get rid of Gaby's math, Marie Kate's Furby (scary creature) and other kids paraphernalia....wish me luck (photos date from ages ago).

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