mardi 17 février 2015

2014 & 2015

A photo from Summer 2014 in Martinique.  Great holiday but not the best of years. Mum with health problems and one daughter with a broken ankle after getting hit by a car and another with a broken wrist after falling off a sleigh that was being pulled by husky's.

Hard year at work too, and not enough family time.

This year will be different (I hope).  Eldest son in Asia for six months and eldest daughter studying in the South of France which means tidier house and a never empty fridge.

This year we have plenty of renovation work planned and some already done, now we don't have a giant fire place that we can't even use taking up half of our sitting room nor does our house look ugly from the front as we have it re-rendered (cost a fortune and took two weeks to do).
Next week we are having some walls knocked down in the kitchen, sitting room and upstairs in the bathroom.
Soon we will have a new kitchen, parquet floor instead of our horrible tiles and a little later a additional bedroom and a revamped bathroom. Can't wait.

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