lundi 12 octobre 2015

Kitchen before, during and after

I have been looking for photos showing how the kitchen looked when we first moved into this house five years ago and I have not had much luck. There are a couple of photos on this blog but I only found this one on my computer.  The kitchen was a green and white, well a dirty white as the last time it was painted was in the 70's. The oven, hob, sink was on one side and on the other some floor to ceiling cupboard, all green....

We did what we could on a limited budget and this is the kitchen in progress, believe me it was better (it isn't finished on this picture), but still what a mess. 

Here's a similar view of the kitchen taken this morning, no more mess, no more green and so clean. Still fillers to add in the corner and one plug to finish next to the butchers block, and other bits and bobs, but we did it all ourselves over months, no summer vacation this year.  Alain even did the electricity as our electrician wanted 5000 Euros for just wiring the kitchen!!!

The kitchen is open now too. One thing we didn't do ourselves was to demolish the wall between the kitchen and our living space. Took him and two others nearly three days to complete and we do not regret our decision one bit.
More photos soon.

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