dimanche 1 novembre 2015


When I was a child growing up in the UK, Halloween was a small affair, as the only day to remember before Christmas was of course the 5th November. I just loved Bonfire Night, the fireworks and the communal bonfire just around the corner from our house, but now I am digressing, as this is a post about Halloween this year and last.
Noisy groups start coming early in our little village, mostly young children accompanied by adults, but not all, and last year as we didn't open our door at all and a certain of teenagers did not approve and we got "tricked". Our newly finished rendered facade that cost a fortune to do,  received a couple of unwanted eggs, which proved difficult to clean. We were not the only ones on the street to have suffered, and it could have been worse, so this year, yesterday, we welcomed Halloween like licensed haressment but welcomed it still.
We bought many packets of sweets/candies/chocolates, even carved a small pumpkin and placed on the window ledge and prayed we would be spared the wrath of the egg or whatever throwers, and guess what, it worked! We received the visit from fifty kids, some very greedy but all polite.
MK did Halloween around the village with her best friend Valentine and others (with adult escort) and A stayed overnight at a friends.
MK told us that at one house A called at with his group (small village syndrome, MK was just behind) that they received a very frosty welcome, and scared the kids half to death.
I looked on the street from our bedroom window this morning and I could not see any sign of egg shells on the road, but forgot to look further on to the house where the mean mans lives, so I think that I will go and take a second look now...

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