vendredi 6 novembre 2015

Shopping Challenge November 2nd shopping

Took a little longer to do the shopping today, around 20 minutes, but it is the weekend.
Spent 115,07€ that included a jar of piment d'espelette which was incidentally the most expensive item on the list at 12,65€!
Here's what we will be cooking and eating this weekend and early next week:

Beef Bourguignon ( made earlier this week for tonight)
Magret de Canard En Saumure, Roti au Miel ( duck breast with honey)
Carrot, Tomato & Feta Soup
Home-made Pizzas
Roast Chicken with vegetables ( going to the market Sunday morning)
Chocolate Creams
Apple & Pear Cake ( to use up the fruit the children have not eaté from last week) 
*bought some artisanale (craft) sausage meat too for a meal to cook and freeze for next week.

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