lundi 2 novembre 2015

WaterRower 8 Week Hiit Challenge

A little over four years ago, Alain and I started doing sport and changed the way we ate. Doing 12 to 20 minute intense Zuzana workouts over five months then trail running we lost over 20 kilos each! However all was not good as weighing became a bit of an obsession, especially for me and I was frustrated if and when my weight didn't drop each time I stepped on the scales.  Over time my weight dropped to less than 57 kilos (I was taller and lighter than my 16 year old daughter at the time) and my BMI was no longer deemed heathly. With help from my family, I stopped weighing myself, ate more, started a new job, the down side was is that did less exercise because of the job and put on weight again.  Over three years my job slowly consumed me, I worked long days without breaks, to come home at 7 at night to work again when the kids were in bed. Working till after midnight and waking up four or five hours later to start the whole process again. Even at weekends or while on vacation, even during a 80 kilometre hike, I had to connect, answer mails, work.  Without going into all the details now, this September I was diagnoised with an acute Burn-Out was told that I needed complete rest and since then, I have been at home. I will talk about this sometime soon, but not now, as the situation is complicated.  
Anyhow the reason for this post is for me, to challange myself to get fit again and to take care of myself. I know I am heavier than I was a couple of years ago and I not going to become a slave to the scales, however I would like to fit back into my jeans again, so I am starting an eight week Hitt rowing challenge which basicially means I will row most days for 20 minutes using high intensity intervals that will be built up over the weeks...I need to work out the exact program based I my fitness level now..
My goal is (apart from the jeans) is to start trail running again in January!

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